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Art education learning is often focused on the interaction of the delivery of material between student teachers in the classroom, forgetting the fact that the components of educational process consists of 3 areas: students, subjects, and society (Stankiewicz, 2000). We are so focused on the teaching of art inside the classroom we stop being aware that society has changed to a hyper reality - postmodern society so that there is no contextual between the world of education and postmodern society, post-truth. While the society continues to change, the world of art education is confined still to strict format which is strongly tied to rational thinking.

Then comes the development of the concept of freedom in art education, as explained by Kaneda (2003) in The Concept of Freedom in Art Education in Japan, which supports the practice of arts education independently without the influence of strict rules from the west. This concept is supported by the current Indonesia Ministry of Education and Culture, Nadiem Makarim, who launched the concept of 'Merdeka Belajar' (the freedom to learn), which is very appropriate for the current era and the philosophy of the era of postmodern society as well as the philosophy of Yogyakarta State University to become a superior, creative and innovative educational university based on devotion and independence in the year 2025, and subsequently the goal of Faculty of Languages and Arts.

True education does not constitute the dichotomy of separation from society. Education must be interconnected and work together to realize an increasingly advanced human culture but the education system that prioritizes methods of how to transfer knowledge in the classroom does not take into account the social conditions of the community outside the classroom which has changed in its system of cultural knowledge.

Therefore, it is necessary to create a space for artists, arts practitioners, arts education practitioners, experts in arts, researchers in arts, and arts enthusiasts to gather and discuss this current issue.

The International Conference on Arts and Arts Education aims to accommodate this need, as well as to:

  1. Develop and advance the world of art research and art education specifically through the study and application of postmodern era research.
  2. Opening new perspectives to broaden the horizons of the world of art research and art education in the world of scientific developments in social, humanities and culture studies.
  3. Creating forums for advice and study exchange and the latest applied research at the level of national and international thinkers
  4. Increasing the number of scientific publications for lecturers in higher education with applied material in postmodern studies.

ICAAE 4 invites artists, arts education teachers, arts lecturers, researchers on arts, researches on arts education, and arts enthusiasts to participate and share knowledge. We also accept papers on arts and arts education. For further information on submission process and accepted theme, please go to the Call for Paper section



Contact persons :

Tresna Maya Sofa. Mobile phone: +62821-3283-5819

Tria Rafika. Mobile phone:  +62 856-4331-2000

Committee Email Address: icaaeindonesia@uny.ac.id


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