Reviewing Process

Papers submitted for publication will have to go through double blind reviews before being accepted for publication. Criteria assessed for further publication processes include the originality, presentation, relevance, and significance of the manuscript’s subject matter to the theme of the conference. Reviewers are responsible for making sure the following criteria have been fulfilled:
1. Does the topic help to expand or further research in the article's subject area?
2. Does the abstract summarize the content of the article?
3. Do the keywords represent the content of the article and are they specific to the article's subject area?
4. Does the introduction provide enough background information to understand the study?
5. Does the study significantly build on any previously published work?
6. Are the references mentioned in the introduction relevant to the study and do they help answering the research question(s)?
7. Is the methodology presented in the manuscript and any analysis provided both accurate and properly conducted?
8. Are the results discussed in order of the most to least important?
9. Are the limitations of the study and inconclusive results (if any) mentioned in the article?
After being reviewed, accepted papers will be returned to the authors along with the remarks from the reviewers. The author, then, will have to revise their paper and resubmit them before the deadline. Failure to resubmit the paper before the deadline will result in the paper being rejected for publication.